Hirschmann PAT Maestro

Hirschmann PAT Maestro

Hirschmann PAT Maestro
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Hirschmann PAT Maestro

A crane is an important piece of investment and has a long life. To maintain its viability and operational efficiency the mechanics of the crane need regular servicing and, if necessary, new parts have to be fitted.

But what about the crane safety system?

The Load Moment Indicator (LMI) ensures that the crane is never overloaded, thus preventing accidents. If doubt exists then the old system has to be replaced with a new one so that the safety of the crane can be guaranteed at all times.

Hirschmann Maestro offers a quick and cost-effective solution should this need arise.

Developed by PAT, this new system uses latest technology and provides the highest levels of reliability and can process the data from a wide range of older PAT installations.

So the LMI doesn’t have to be re-programmed and re-calibrated, giving huge savings in time and money.

Hirschmann PAT Maestro Benefits

  • Existing information and tested functions are simply taken over into the new system and standards applying at the time are simply retained.

  • There is no loss of data and no need for time-consuming and expensive re-programming and re-adjustment of the crane.

  • The sensors can be re-set directly through the console, dispensing with the need to use any special equipment.

  • The wiring and the length/angle sensor from the old equipment, as well as the A2B (anti-two block) switching can usually simply be re-used.

Hirschmann PAT Maestro Replaces

  • Hirschmann PAT DS 50

  • Hirschmann PAT DS 100

  • Hirschmann PAT DS 150

  • Hirschmann PAT DS 350

Retrofitting Hirschmann PAT Maestro in 4 Easy Steps

  • Install a new central unit, console and new pressure transducers to replace the old equipment, depending on the type of crane.

  • Install memory chips from the old system in the new Hirschmann PAT Maestro central unit.

  • Adjust the sensors quickly and simply using the keyboard
    from the Hirschmann PAT Maestro console.

  • To finish, do a test run. The crane is now ready to use.


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Hirschmann PAT Maestro August 7, 2013



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